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I've been playing drums for 36+ years and currently live in Brooklyn, NY. Below you can find info on bands, music, gigs, projects and work I've done past, present and future - My main goal in life is to play drums for the rest of my life..Past gigs listed below and is a work in progress.

Upcoming Gigs & Tours

MAR 2019 - Lavender Country Tour
Lavender Country & Paisley Fields
MAR 13 @ Pinhook, Durham, NC
MAR 15 @ 529 Bar, Atlanta, GA
MAR 17 @ Siberia, New Orleans, LA
MAR 19 @ Hi Tone, Memphis, TN
MAR 20 @ Foam, St. Louis, MO

MAR 30 - 2019
Paisley Fields @ C'mon Everybody, Brooklyn, NY

APR 5 - 2019
Paisley Fields @ Jalopy - Brooklyn Folk Festival, Brooklyn, NY

APR 2019 - Lavender Country Tour
Lavender Country & Paisley Fields Tour
APR 9 @ Glitterbox, Pittsburgh, PA
APR 13 @ The Backdoor, Bloomington, IN
APR 14 @ The Hideout, Chicago, IL
APR 15 @ Octopus College Hill, Cedar Falls, IA
APR 16 @ Brother's Lounge, Omaha, NE
APR 17 @ The Mill, Iowa City, IA
APR 18 @ Memorial Union, Iowa State University, Ames, IA
APR 20 @ Stoop Fest, Lansing, MI
APR 21 @ Cactus Club, Milwaukee, WI

APR 26 - 2019
Rew'd Onez @ Otto's Shrunken Head, NY, NY

MAY 17 - 2019
Paisley Fields @ Branded Saloon, Brooklyn, NY

MAY - 2019
Dolly Trolly on Tour - TBD

JUN 2 - 2019
Rew'd Onez @ Sylvana, NY, NY

JUN 8 - 2019
Dolly Trolly @ Brooklyn Pride

JUN 8 - 2019
Paisley Fields @ Pride Night, Brooklyn, NY

Bands & people I play/ed with

Dolly Trolly, Paisley Fields, Lavender Country, David Haught, Val Kinzler & Tucky!, Marianne Flemming, Rewd Onez, Hair Club For Jen, Maya Lo, KarokeTonight aka METACOMET aka Bad Asteroid, Sarah Durning & The Fun Sisters, Aron Blue, Karen & The Sorrows, Tara Lynne Band, Juan & The Pines, Angela Jimenez, Jen Urban & The Box, The Binarys, Fargo band, On The Run (with Luke Burns, Gahlord Dewald and Steve Bakken <3), Kronic Stoopidity, Three Sides to a Story
Visiting drummer on occasion in the past for Viva DeConcini, Dawn Drake Zapote Band, Femme Nameless

Studio Tangents


What other people think of me drumming <3

Tami Johnson’s drumming is encompassed by no boundaries. Working with Tami has opened creative avenues that are always unexpected, yet refined- She has the ability to bring a unique and solid groove to any genre, and is a true gem to collaborate with. ~ Gerard Kouwenhoven (Dolly Trolly, Karen & The Sorrows) co-conspirator

Tami Johnson is the best drummer I know. She can play anything and everything. She will instantly understand what you need and then she will take it to the next level and make your song even better. If she could play drums 24-7, she would, and that deep passion for the music shines through in everything she does. ~ Karen Pittelman (Karen & The Sorrows)

As John Bonham flew up to heaven on his departure from this world, he dropped a groove on the Johnson household.
That groove is alive in Tami Johnson. Along with the groove comes power, precision and a broad pallette of diversity.
Tami is a big part of my body of work as we've collaborated in multiple projects over the past 14 years. She has weaved me and many band mates in and out of genres like reggae, surf-punk, hard rock, alt-country, free jazz, rock-a-billy, & movie ballads.
As a beat-scientist & sound experimentalist, Tami stumbled on ''Free Drums'', which is a wireless platform to play along with songs,learn new beats, and master fills at anytime and any place. She became one of the first in the world to own one by supporting the Free Drums'' Kickstarter campaign.
And she is a vigilant soldier for justice.
Know her, see her..hear her.
~ Tara Lynne Mallon

Tami Johnson is a great person and a wonderful drummer. She brings deep passion for drumming and music in every beat and she will make your band sound great. ~ Viva DeConcini

Tami Rocks! Be it coming up with the core groove or adding spices to the mix,Tami elevates every project! Armed with a smart,positive,professional,and tireless work ethic, She is a joy and asset in the studio. ~ Andy Manganello (Audio Engineer) - MagsMusic

I had the amazing pleasure of playing with Tami and the Dolly Trolly gang for several years. After touring, writing and recording with Tami, she is one of the most versatile and knowledgeable drummers I’ve had the pleasure to play with. You can place her behind the kit in any band in any genre and she will play with so much heart, soul and authenticity. She’s a remarkable musician and most definitely has a long career ahead of her. ~ Sam Trioli

In the past 5 years I have jammed with Tami Johnson on many occasions in various musical scenarios. Passionate and dynamic, Tami always brings it and we always have a shit ton of fun. ~ Sarah Mucho (Sometime Boys)

Tami is an incredibly intuitive and bad ass drummer whose love for drumming makes rehearsals and jams super joyful. She's got a lot of grooves and plays great on the fly! Tami is one of my favorite drummers to play with! ~ Maya Lo

Tami is a versatile drummer with her own unique style. Every time she plays with the band she brings a positive, fun energy and really elevates our sound. She is an intuitive player, a true pro and one of the best drummers our there. ~ James Wilson (Paisley Fields)

Playing music with tami is like having a great conversation: she is listening and talking back to you in the voice of her drums, creating stories with you that are full of life, melancholy, hilarity and joy. she rocks. ~ Angela Jimenez

Tami & I first worked together in an original band in S. Florida in (year I don't remember.) she was energetic and had great tempo and feel. I really enjoyed her professionalism and style then.
In 2017 I had the good fortune of meeting up with Tami here in NYC, after losing touch in Florida. As we worked together I became aware of how Tami has continued studying and practicing her drums during this time.
In the interim I got a bachelors and a masters in music. So it's with a bit of knowledge that my hat goes off to Tami.
She has become a very well prepared drummer with ability to play many great styles. She has improved SO much, never gotten depressed or stopped playing. She has taken her role as drummer to a very serious level.
Tami's sound is classy and tasty, she has great dynamics and sensuous feel. She retained her rock-solid tempo and brings joy to every music event. She has no fear or hesitation about jamming with any style group. She will fill in or replace an absent Drummie and play "just what the group needs."
I'm really impressed with Tami's musicianship and continued devotion to rhythm and music. I am so blessed to reunite with her. She is an asset to any group. Very creative and interesting player.
~ Kentucky Parkis - Bass

Tami and I first met as co-workers. At that point I was pretty much done playing music, but Tami insisted. And insisted. She is passionate about music and wants everyone to join in that passion. I finally relented, got my bass, and we played some music. Within a few months I was in two bands with her, and I was enjoying playing music more than I had in many years. She also once told me she wanted to marry her drums. Her drums are cute, but I think she can do better. ~ Matthew J. Kaplan

Tami creates a warm jacuzzi of rhythm that lazy bass players like myself love to luxuriate in. And her train beat kills. ~ Chris Parker

Put a lot of spice in your set. Get a dyke drummer. A really good dyke drummer. Like Tami. She will even tell you to go to hell in a hand basket if you should need to be told. Who needs a wimp for a drummer anyhow. Doh!!!!! ~ Patrick Haggerty (Lavender Country)

Images seen

Fresh eyes: 2001-2003
West Coast & Montana 2016
A Small Green Patch 2012-2014
Prospect Park Lake Cleanup 2010
Rockaway Beach Trash 2016
Coney Island 2007
Thanksgiving Balloons

Projects & Volunteering

Letters to the Revolution 2017
Velvetpark Media 2003 - 2013
A Small Green Patch 2010-2015
Prospect Park Lake Cleanup 2010
Prospect Park Lake Cleanup 2009
Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls

  • Summer Camp drum instructor 2016
  • Afterschool YMCA Girls Rock Jam 2012, 2013
  • Bang a drum - Mini-canp 2013
  • Simple web updates 2009

Resume                    contact: tami.johnson at gmail